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Esther baxter photos

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See rank. Play trailer Video Girl Contact info Agent info. With her exotic beauty, on-screen charisma, and business savvy, the multi-racial Miami native of African America, Indian, Cuban, Norwegian, Italian and Puerto Rican descent Esther Baxter reigned queen of the urban model scene as one of the industry's most sought-after "Video Vixens" and has continued her path of success as a rising actress in both TV and Film.

She starred in over 25 of the most popular music videos for multi-platinum artists like Ye , Ludacris , Will Smith , The Roots, and Nelly. Opening another chapter of her career, Esther set out to expand her career to acting and has done just that with two feature films, and a guest star on network television already under her belt.

Add or change photo on IMDbPro. View contact info at IMDbPro. Known for. Because I Love You. Video Girl. Credits Edit. Expand below. Previous 8. Interludes Alexis. Because I Love You Maxine. Video Girl Bubbles. One source lists his place of birth as Kincaid, IL.

His father was a coal miner and there was some moving from place to place in that industry. Kincaid and Jerseyville are separated by 60 miles.

Arlitt played baseball for nine seasons starting in with Springfield, MO and concluding in with Carthage, MO. He was in the St.

Louis Cardinal chain to start his career and then was signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates. He came back to manage the Carthage Cardinals in He was also the playing manager at Carthage in and He moved to Oregon when he spent the next 45 years which were all that he had remaining. Adolph Arlitt www. Both Russell and Adolph were first generation Americans, sons of fathers who migrated from Germany.

Russell Arlett switch hit and threw right while Adolph hit from the left side and threw from the right. Reading some old news copy from , this week, there was a note about the Carthage manager in the May 6 edition of the Iola Register. Here is the quote. Both happen to be first basemen—and BIG! A few months ago this column reported on finding an additional member of the Iola Cubs in some old box scores.

He then pitched against the Carthage Cardinals on May 23, in relief, and gave up four hits and four runs. That stint on the mound appears to have ended of his KOM career. He had been sent to Iola on May 8 from the Visalia club of the California league.

If someone reading this has access to very early May, Visalia newspapers check their box scores and see if the big right-handed pitcher made an appearance for that club. The Baseball Guides will give you NO help in this matter.

What is stated in the foregoing paragraph is all I knew about the guy which probably puts me at the top of the list of people who knew anything about him aside from his family members and friends. He served in the U. Navy aboard the U. Franklin MacVeigh and shipped out for Saipan on December 20, Mark Metcalf did his best to save that stadium as the URL above states.

Getting on with his life he sent me a clipping from regarding Independence catcher, Jack Whitaker, running into the grandstand behind home plate and losing some front teeth in the process.

He wanted to know if I ever heard that story. As a matter of fact I had. A number of the members of that club recall he was missing the two front teeth, after taking a bite out of the concrete wall, so to be presentable, probably for the young ladies, he filled in the gap with some type of material and then covered that with Ipana toothpaste. Why Ipana? For those of you who never heard of Jack Whitaker he later wound up in Hollywood. Was he an actor you ask?

Nay, he wound up in Hollywood, Florida. Last time I heard from him he was still there. For those of you with your computer up and running use the URL for the video that is shared with the article:. The move saddened a group of people who had been fighting to save the grandstand for years. The grandstand sits on the corner of what is now the athletic field for Unified School District The district voted earlier this month to move forward with a plan to demolish the grandstand and replace it with a building it says will look just like it.

A group of people started a Facebook page called Save Our Stadium to voice their opposition to the plan. Member Mark Metcalf got a judge to issue a temporary restraining order last week to halt the demolition, but on Friday, July 24, , a judge refused to grant an injunction, allowing the demolition to begin.

The grandstand was built in in Riverside Park by A. It hosted the world's first night game of organized baseball, played on April 28, Over the decades some of the biggest names in baseball played there, both at night and during the day. Those names included Satchel Paige and Mickey Mantle, whose first job as a professional player was with the Independence Yankees. The stadium was eventually donated to the city, which took down the lights and the rest of the stadium over the years.

The school district says an engineering study from more than a decade ago proved the grandstand should be torn down. But opponents say the same study proved the grandstand was sound and could have been saved and turned into a tourist attraction.

Metcalf had been trying to get the grandstand added to the National Register of Historic Places and wanted the demolition halted until the next step in that process. That next step would have been a meeting with the Kansas State Historic Preservation Officer which was scheduled for August 8, In late the Miami Owls were a team in turmoil.

Miami was only supported by the Topeka Owls so they had to find players to finish the season. Buffalo, Peacock and White were all years of age at the time, Montgomery was 30 and Brown was At the close of that season Miami had the highest average age of pitchers in league history.

Look for some names to see if you recognize any. Emil Frank Casey Wonka—He most likely would have won the batting title had he stayed with the club. Long story, look it up. He was playing for a team against a Japanese club and the authorities surrounded the field until the game ended and the Japanese team was detained. Had great minor league numbers and then the war started.

Look for who was on a hitting terror at the time. Bob Saban—Played for Carthage that year and is a member of the Saban football family that exists to the current time with the legacy being carried on by cousin Nick at Alabama. Conklyn Meriwether- The last newspaper article in this sequence mentions he played for the Joplin Miners.

A dozen years later he ate supper with his mother-in-law and to show his appreciation he went to his car, obtained a hatchet and went back inside and killed her. One of his former teammates, and later KOMer ,gave me the account of that incident out of the newspaper in the Louisiana town where that occured.

Owls, has been suspended for the remainder' of the season, it was announced Saturday by the board of directors of Miami Baseball, Inc. The suspension came after Wonka allegedly, "jumped" the club and returned to his home in Leavenworth, Kas. The Owl outfielder left early Thursday morning without notifying either Manager Omar Lane or any of the board members and has failed to get in contact with any of the officials since his departure, club officials said.

No reason for Wonka's leaving the club was advanced by the board or Lane. According to Roy Green, business manager of the Owls, Wonka will be barred from organized ball until the suspension is lifted by Miami. The departure of Wonka—one of the club's three veterans—made room for the addition of Marvin Lefty Brown to the Birds' roster as a pitcher.

Brown, who won his first start Friday night with a five- hit, victory over -Carthage, was in the New York Yankee chain for several, years before he quit organized ball and is ranked, as a veteran. Brown won 19 games for the Joplin Miners of the Western association in Ed note: He was actually Wonka, who earlier in the season left the club for several days but then returned, was the Owls' leading hitter and the KOM league's second-highest slugger with a.

The centerfielder had blasted out nine homers and driven in a total of 76 runs, second highest in the circuit. With Wonka's suspension, Manager Lane has been forced to shift his lineup, moving Jimmy Reaugh over from left to center and using Earl Hays in right when not on the mound, with Adam Thompson and Ike Robbins alternating in left.

Miami Fans Encouraged as Brown Stars on. The fracas was the final meeting of the season for the two clubs and gave the Owls a record of 14 wins against only five setbacks over the year. Brown, a former hurler in the Yankee chain but in semi-pro ball for the last several years, allowed the Bruins just five hits and had a shut-out going into the eighth, when he weakened. The southpaw, who had worked a full day's shift in the mines before his Friday night pitching chore, had the Cubs eating out of his hands until the final two innings when the Carthage club plated four runs, with a pair coming on home runs by first baseman Bob Speake.

Of the Cubs' four runs, only two were earned. Brown, using a blazing fast ball and a sneaking curve, whiffed 10 Carthage batters. Until the late rally, not a Cub had been able to hit into the outfield. And while the new Owl chucker was shackling the Cubs, the rest of the Flock was blasting out 12 hits off starter Bob Saban and reliever Phil Costa, who moved in from right field.

Lane's pair of hits plated three Owl runs, while Verbanic blasted in four tallies. After a scoreless first inning, the Owls jumped into a three run lead in the second. With 'the bases loaded on three walks and two men. Bright's double off the left center field fence tallied Reaugh, but Hays lofted to left for the final out. Another run was countered in the third on Verbanic's line drive into left, scoring catcher Earl Skaggs from second, while in the fifth a smart piece of base- running by Melvin made it On second, the Owl shortstop started, for third on Reaugh's grounder to short and scored while the Bruins were trying unsuccessfully to execute a double play.

In the sixth Miami scored two more runs when Melvin slammed his first two-bagger into right, plating Earl Hays and moving Skaggs to third.

Skaggs crossed the plate on Verbanic's long fly to center. Reaugh scored for the second time in the game in the "stretch inning" as Lane lined a double off the Scoreboard after Jimmy had singled. The Cubs had their only big frame in the eighth.

Speake slammed the initial pitch down the right -field line and over the fence. Brown momentarily weakened and gave up two straight walks to Hank Paskiewicz and Bill Homsby pinch hitting for catcher Dean Manns, Hal Brown forced Hornsby at second, moving Paskiewicz to third. Schmitt smacked a sizzling grounder past second that got through Melvin and rolled into center, allowing Paskiewicz to tally.

Costa popped to Skaggs, but Alan Burger lined into short right, driving across Brown. Miami gained back the trio of runs in the bottom of the eighth with a single by Ike Robbins and straight doubles by Melvin and Verbanic, with Robbins and Verbanic scoring.

Reaugh singled across Verbanic with the Owls' final run. Carthage racked up run No. In the last three games the Cub first baseman has really had a field day with Bird pitching, slamming out three homers, a triple, one double and two singles. Brown was killed April 23, at Picher, Oklahoma when a roof in a mine shaft owned by the Piokee Mining Company fell on him as he was dismantling it.

There are reports in the Joplin Globe describing the details of some of those deaths which I will not recite. However, to say they were gruesome would be putting it mildly. This is the final resting place for Marvin Brown: www. Well, I suppose most of these reports are trivial. West played from at the professional level and rose as high as Baltimore which at the time was a Triple A league.

Interesting thing about that team was that Mabrey, Bockman, Burns. Lyons and Leyrer played every inning of the games played. There were only games on the schedule, but Joplin was involved in two tied games that season which had to be played out. Explore Trending Events More More.

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