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Nuance speakers

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A bit brighter and more bassy than I like, but a tiny tweak on the EQ has me sitting with a set of quite capable speakers. They also seem quite efficient and can really crank. I gave in before they did, they played clean and clear as high as I could stand to drive them. So I have to ask, are the speakers themselves actually as bad as everyone makes them out to be? Are some sets better than others? It seems that this set is from before they started their predatory marketing tactics, so maybe the speakers themselves are also different?

Prop film on paper and all that, but the cabs seem to be built very solid, and the drivers can definitely handle power. So, forgetting the company itself for a second.. Jaredsavage , Jun 14, Messages: 3, Location: Northern Ontario. Very cheap divers, dual binding posts that are technically not dual, you cannot bi-amp with them. They were sold through legitimate dealers though they used a very scetchy demo using Q-sound discs with a Nuance sales rep that happened to be around a lot.

They would always turn the speakers backwards and play a Q-sound disc it would amaze people who never heard Q-sound with sounds appearing from all over the place. However they were not the worst sounding speakers ever made I'd take those in your pic over Bose 's any day.

Jaredsavage and Guido57 like this. Parts Express was selling buyout Nuance waveguide tweeters some time ago. Cheap plastic drivers.

I removed those, installed Vifa. Nuance Spatial speakers. These speakers have been in their box for years gathering dust. They have hardly been used so it's time for someone else to enjoy them. They come with wires. Thunder Bay. Both in excellent condition. Please Contact. They sound great.

And Everything Works perfectly fine. Speakers do have wear and tear over the years. Nuance crossovers and woofer speaker. Nuance Home Audio system. Shipping by seller. Speakers MaxSold Auctions. Outdoor Speakers MaxSold Auctions. Speaker MaxSold Auctions. Nuance speakers.

Set of advantage 1M bookshelf and 1C centre. Sound and work great. But a few blemishes in the finish and grills up close. Nuance Tower Speakers w. Work great. Very intense tower speakers grand towers 6ft tall can get louder or better Nuance Speaker Set. Up for sale is a nuance 6 speaker set, like new condition wrapped in plastic for transportation protection. Includes 4 tower speakers. Premium sound quality with these made in Canada speakers. Text if interested. Solidly built, great sounding Center speaker from Nuance.

This rear-ported beauty is in excellent condition, and boasts dual pairs of 5-Way bindings suitable for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Drivers: 1. Dimensions: 18" W x 8. Selling Nuance Speaker Stands. Nuance Tower Speakers made in Canada 60lbs each! These speakers are made in Canada. Well constructed and heavy for its size, weigh close to 10 pounds each.

Pickup in Bridlewood SW. Nuance subwoofer N and 4 surround sound speakers. I have a impeccable subwoofer and 4 standing speakers. Great sound.

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But I still had not listened to my disc yet. This is when I asked him how much for the pair I knew I was going to get a riduculous price so I saved the moment by not laughing and keeping a straight face.

Of course you can wheel and deal so I imagine you can pick up these bad boys for Now for the real test. On came the track 8 that I requested and within 20 seconds something was horribly amiss. I knew these would sound bad Even after blasting my eardrums with my portable discman on for the last 3 hours?

This song has great detail, so many nuances that a listener will hear. I didn't hear them much on these The bass was not accurate and very muddy. No crispness to the highs. The cymbals that I have come to love didn't have that nice airy feel.

All this on speakers that are What a bargain! I was in shock at what I was hearing. Nuance rep asked me what I thought. I told him honestly I think they sounded terrible. I could have started ripping into him about everything I know about this company but I wasn't there to do that. I just wanted to hear where my hard earned He figured me out and knew that I had an idea about audio.

So he quickly took my CD out and opened the door but we chatted a little more. He asked what I had at home and I told him. He asked me if they were "imiging speakers" and I said No-there Bipolar. He gave me a puzzled look. I shot off a quick ramble about soundstage and detail that I wasn't hearing.

Soon he was blaming the acoustics in his demo room. I looked at him and said "Buddy, I have the same hard reflective surfaces in my room at home Hardly enough room for a set of bipolars for optimum sound I walked out and left the store. All of you that think I just spent the last how many minutes typing this for my own pleasure think again. This is all true and if any of you are thinking about spending loads of cash on speakers, do yourself a favor and shop around.

I realize that many of you love these speakers but I really don't think you have listened to much of anything else.

I know there big and intimadating looking and rate very high on the impress-your-friends scale. I also know that some of you actually question your purchase of Nuance but people don't like to get burned. So, pyscologicaly you think they sound great Heaven forbid I wouldn't want that. I just don't like to get screwed. Hook 2 sets of speakers up and see which ones sound the best.

If Nuance is so wonderful, then why at least here in edmonton do they not sell them beside another speaker that could potentialy change the consumers mind? I'll tell you why. Two reasons.

Because then most would agree that they do sound terrible bloated lows, no nice crisp cymbal crashing highs, a mid that sounds like a megaphone; I don't need to go on.

The second is the most important-the markup. The amount of money it takes to make one of these is scandoulus considering what they are selling these for. All of you Nuance reps out there reading this ya you know who you are know there is a lot more to be had for 8 Grand than this crap. And, as a rep, if you don't know, then the company loves you. Because your selling an inferior product to people that don't know any better and taking them to the cleaners.

Thinking that because they spent big bucks it HAS to be good. I say Ignorance is bliss, on both ends. Second-The writer below says there is no tricks with the CDs they play, it simple 2 channel. CDs one can buy in the store. He's absolutley right.

However, these discs that they like to demo for music do have an ace up their sleeve. They image. They image very well. They do this because of Q-sound, an old technology being used on these state of the art speakers. Nothing more than tricking the mind into hearing things where they shouldn't be coming from. Why do they use Madonna's greatest hits as demo material?

Because its encoded with Q sound, especially the track Vogue. That disc is over 10 years old. Wheres some newer demo material? Its old hat, nobody really encodes with Q Sound anymore.

Theres another speaker manufacturer that uses the same trick, but its not so much with the software. Its DCM Timewindows and they have actually designed speakers that make you think your hearing stuff behind you. Its not nearly as effective as a 5. And its way less money. And it has worked. They say nobody can out do them with their 10 year warranty.

Sure, its amps and not speakers, but their prone to breaking down too, like everything else we as consumers buy. To touch on the Q sound idea again, every speaker images to a point and all Nuance did was grab a theme Q sound and go with it. Nobody knows about Q sound so they can manipulate them into believing that the state of the art Nuance speakers are reproducing this.

Simple as that. And thousands have bought into it. As for the sound of them They want you to think they are expensive and have a polypropelene look to them. It's just paper woofers with some hardening substance on them. If they left them just paper it would probably sound better, but these audio scammers at Nuance know that the look of the speaker is almost as important as the sound.

If it looks good, it sounds good. And anyway, who wants to admit that they got burnt for thousands? Or there bigger. Or whatever. A fraction of the price with 10 times the sound. Or, if your feeling adventurous, check out some hi-fi shops. Great deals can be had there too. Privateer Full Audioholic. Shacks everything and is syphony concert quility sound. Cygnus Senior Audioholic.

I don't know Whatever floats your boat, I suppose! Buckeyefan 1 said:. Joey, no disrespect here, but I've seen too many threads on Nuance not to mention this. This was taken directly from the Home Theater Forum. The truth about Nuance Speakers. Takeereasy Audioholic General. Nuance is s disreputable company that has been sued class action style in Edmonton. They are charged with artificially overpricing their products.

They only sold their products through unsavoury dealerships that used high pressure sales tactics and bold faced lies to try and close a deal. Now there may not be anything wrong with a Ford Fiesta.. Nuance is one deceptive company IMO. Takeereasy said:. I'm not a big fan of their company but I don't think Nuance speakers will blow up in the event of a rear collision. Spiffyfast Audioholic General.

Wow, people definately have a distaste for this brand, kind of reminds of a similair brand that focus on very small little cube speakers and charges thousands for them There is a massive difference between Bose and Nuance. The vendors use high pressure sales, make that very high pressure sales, tactics to get you to buy on the spot.

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