juniper network connect 64 bit linux
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Juniper network connect 64 bit linux cognizant bfsi clients

Juniper network connect 64 bit linux

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As we use Ubuntu 64 bits, we will first install Java7 64 bits as well as plugins for your browsers Chrome, Firefox. Download https certificate Not that I did not have to do this step with Linux Mint. Click on the lock -I use firefox but Chrome as also certificates option in the settings-. Be sure to select the certificate at the vpn url level not at the root of the tree and export it as a.

Find realm type Open the vpn login html page like.. Final scripts I did not have to do this step with Linux Mint as the command msjnc correctly opens a dialog where you can enter credentials information.

Be sure to choose the i java 32 bits. Troubleshooting IVE errors type when trying to connect: Your certificate is wrong, try to export it again try different browsers or different types it worked for me with DER extension. When connecting to the vpn, you dns resolution might be altered. Replace "yoursite" with the address for your vpn website.

Once you have ncLinuxApp. This is where you will be running the network connect client from. Once you have the files extracted, you will need to change the ownership and set file permissions for a couple files. You will need to be root. As the instructions state in the previous section, you will need to obtain the certificate from your Juniper installation. Compile libncui. This creates the executable you will need. This must be done as your user.

The one annoying thing about this is that you do have to log into your Juniper site to obtain the DSID everytime. At least it does work! I hope this guide helps others in need! Patching the ncsvc binary can disable the route monitoring function, allowing one to change routes as needed manually or by script.

Without patching, a route monitor may be in place that will disconnect if routes are changed. There are probably many ways to achieve, but one tested is to convert a conditional jump statement in the route monitoring routine:. In order to achieve desirerd access to vpn resources, local lan resources, amd internet resources, possible post-connect commands:.

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Click Here to download Java. You will need the Firefox web browser. Click Here to download Firefox. Make sure that you have a password set for the root user. If not, run the command "sudo passwd" to set one. If you are using Fedora, run the command "sudo yum install xterm" to install a necessary dependency.

If you are using Ubuntu, this step is unnecessary. Open Firefox and type "vpn. A Security Warning box may pop up and ask if you want to run the application. Make sure the "Always trust content from this publisher.

A Setup Control Warning box may pop up and ask if you want to download, install, and execute software with the product name "Host Checker". You should now be at the VPN login screen. Advantage: you don't have to know anything if it works out of the box , disadvantage: you need a web browser and you need Java every time you want to start the network connect client.

It is possible to get, install and run network connect completely without Java. The ncsvc network connect service binary is a bit executable which uses shared libs. If you've already downloaded the client software, it's possible to start network connect from the command line.

Either with or without the Java GUI. This is helpful but there are still some disadvantages: there's no configuration file possible, parameters like host and user name must be given as command line options. Moreover there's a problem with the user password. Either you give it as command line option but then it's visible in the system's process list, so this is not a good idea or you omit it, then it will be prompted afterwards. Another unhandy thing is that if you use the Java GUI, the GUI will be started before you entered the password, so you have to switch back to the window where the password is prompted.

First this is not very comfortable, second it would be more reasonable to verify the certificate that the host offers with the appropriate trusted certificate authority. Anyway: you have to verify the certificate that you download from the host and it would be more comfortable if this would be done automatically.

The solution is to use a wrapper for the network connect client which overcomes these disadvantages: jnc is a Perl program which does this job. You are asked for the root password because the setuid bit of the ncsvc binary must be set.

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A Security Warning box may pop up and ask if you want to run the application. Make sure the "Always trust content from this publisher. A Setup Control Warning box may pop up and ask if you want to download, install, and execute software with the product name "Host Checker". You should now be at the VPN login screen. Once the page loads, click "Start" by Network Connect. Since this is the first time Network Connect is running, it will install. A window should pop up and ask for your root password.

Make sure to wait for the "Password:" prompt to appear before typing in your password. Network Connect should now install and start. Unlike the Windows Network Connect Client, it will not disappear as a Taskbar icon, but remain in a window that you can minimize. Do not close the window, as this will cause Network Connect to disconnect. If you are using Ubuntu If you try to help me out I will figure it out and will put all my experience on the net.

I have used 32 bit plugin in most places. Do you have any reason to use the 64 bit plugin? Here is what my directory looks like —. How do you check if which plug-in is being used by a browser. I can check the same for Opera. I only see that Opera works. If I know why that is so I can probably have a better understanding.

As for your issue — I am not sure how to change the search order for plugins. I check the options under about:config and found nothing relevant. I believe your solution should lie in that.

Thanks for the reply. I dop not have any reason to use 64 bit plugin. But the browsers which I am using are taking the 64 bit plugin. I saw that in Opera. It shows the path of the plugin in use.

Hope it is the same for you. You have any method to change the same? I feel it is because of this I am not able to start network connect. How are you checking what plugin is installed as in how do you know it is 64 bit?

Are you looking at about:plugins? That was blank for me before I ran the steps above. I think you are using 32 bit opera. I guess I have to install 32 bit opera and check if it works. In about:plugins I see the path of the plugin, as it points to 64 bit plugin. I used the links I have shared recently in the comments. You could still try —. I did install 32 bit opera but I uninstalled it as it caused problems.

You should have the directory in any case. You can always change the sym link to what you prefer. This time I was able to launch SGD successfully. Thanks for your inputs. I am using Fedora 16 OS. I tried zillions of combos so far, with no luck.

Also: Oracle Java is no longer installable via Ubuntu repositories sudo aptitude … sun-java6-plugin, sun-java6-jdk, sun-java6-jre, iasun-java6-bin.. Did this work or you still need help. I tried with Opera and using it as it works for a 64 bit browser.

I need to try again sometime. On Any fix for this? After a few days of fighting with Juniper and their lousy client, and the mad scientist script i can finally connect. Thank you…. However, I did discover that Firefox and Chrome do not use bit plugins. So I installed Opera and emul-linux-xjava Thank you so much. I have spent forever trying to get this to work and have tried just about everything but Opera.

I got it to work with Oracle Java 7.