telephone number for cigna dental
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NaviNet is a free, Internet-based application for providers to streamline data exchanges between their offices and Highmark. The waiver of Highmark member cost-sharing for in-network telehealth visits is effective for electrolysis amerigroup of service from March 13 international claims June 30, Please carefully read and follow the instructions contained within the individual form for submission. Health Options Provider Manual. Medical Policy Medical Policy. This partnership is instrumental in bringing a personalized care transitions approach to support Highmark's Medicare Advantage members across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Contact Us.

Telephone number for cigna dental cigna approved medications

Telephone number for cigna dental

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Phone Number Monday - Friday, am — pm, Eastern Time Or visit our broker website to get an online quote and review individual plans and pricing. Individual Insurance in New Jersey. Phone Number. To Become Appointed outside of New Jersey or email us. Small Group Sales. Member Services. To engage in a Cigna Plan network, visit our credentialing page. For answers to our most frequently asked financial questions, visit our Financial FAQ section. Institutional Investors and Analysts If you are a current or prospective investor in Cigna and have questions about our business, please contact:.

Giacobbe cigna. Crompton cigna. Individual Shareholders If you are a current or prospective Cigna common-stock shareholder and have questions about the Direct Stock Purchase Plan, dividend payments or stock transfers, please contact:.

Phone Numbers domestic international. Current Customers For questions about your plan, coverage, reimbursements, and more, call the phone number on your ID card. Lost ID Cards. For current press and media inquiries, visit our media resource center. For inquiries or requests, please email us. You can begin searching for jobs on the Cigna Career website. The contact details below are for customers with Individual Private Medical Insurance policies.

Please have your policy number to hand, which will begin with a '9'. Online: Customer Area Login. Phone: Fax: Email: service. Email: complaints. Send a secure email through Cigna Envoy or the Mobile App. This is sometimes referred to as an exit code. Request a call back. Envoy contact information. SME employer who needs international health insurance cover for a small group on work assignment abroad?

Get a Quote. For large corporate organisations please request a call back. If you are a member and have a query about your existing plan, please visit your member portal. For large corporate organisations please complete our sales enquiry form.

For all other enquiries, please email UKinfo Cigna. Phone: Email: existingbusiness cignainsurance. Emergency phone number: 91 14 87 93 34 Email: servicio. Client log in. Phone: 91 14 87 93 34 Phone: 91 40 60 93 04 To request a sales visit, phone: 91 40 60 93 04 Phone: 91 40 40 93 06

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'telephone. Send us feedback. Accessed 16 Jan. Nglish: Translation of telephone for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of telephone for Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

See Definitions and Examples ». Dictionary Definition. Log In. Example Sentences. Noun I just have to make a quick telephone call before we leave. You can order the cake over the telephone. The telephone has been ringing all morning! She picked up the telephone and dialed the number. He slammed down the telephone. They hired someone to answer the telephones. All our telephones are cordless. I left the telephone off the hook.

Verb He telephoned me to say that he was going to be late. He telephoned to say that he was going to be late. You never write or telephone. See More. Recent Examples on the Web Noun. Word History. First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same year. Phrases Containing telephone. In the United Kingdom, the blower is used as a slang term for a telephone. The term came from navy slang for a speaking tube. Early telephones were technically diverse.

Some used a water microphone , some had a metal diaphragm that induced current in an electromagnet wound around a permanent magnet, and some were dynamic — their diaphragm vibrated a coil of wire in the field of a permanent magnet or the coil vibrated the diaphragm.

The sound-powered dynamic variants survived in small numbers through the 20th century in military and maritime applications, where its ability to create its own electrical power was crucial. The Edison patents kept the Bell monopoly viable into the 20th century, by which time the network was more important than the instrument.

Early telephones were locally powered, using either a dynamic transmitter or by the powering of a transmitter with a local battery. One of the jobs of outside plant personnel was to visit each telephone periodically to inspect the battery. During the 20th century, telephones powered from the telephone exchange over the same wires that carried the voice signals became common.

Early telephones used a single wire for the subscriber's line, with ground return used to complete the circuit as used in telegraphs. The earliest dynamic telephones also had only one port opening for sound, with the user alternately listening and speaking or rather, shouting into the same hole.

Sometimes the instruments were operated in pairs at each end, making conversation more convenient but also more expensive. At first, the benefits of a telephone exchange were not exploited. Instead, telephones were leased in pairs to a subscriber , who had to arrange for a telegraph contractor to construct a line between them, for example, between a home and a shop.

Users who wanted the ability to speak to several different locations would need to obtain and set up three or four pairs of telephones. Western Union , already using telegraph exchanges, quickly extended the principle to its telephones in New York City and San Francisco , and Bell was not slow in appreciating the potential. Signalling began in an appropriately primitive manner.

The user alerted the other end, or the exchange operator , by whistling into the transmitter. Exchange operation soon resulted in telephones being equipped with a bell in a ringer box , first operated over a second wire, and later over the same wire, but with a condenser capacitor in series with the bell coil to allow the AC ringer signal through while still blocking DC keeping the phone " on hook ".

Telephones connected to the earliest Strowger switch automatic exchanges had seven wires, one for the knife switch , one for each telegraph key , one for the bell, one for the push-button and two for speaking. Large wall telephones in the early 20th century usually incorporated the bell, and separate bell boxes for desk phones dwindled away in the middle of the century.

Rural and other telephones that were not on a common battery exchange had a magneto hand-cranked generator to produce a high voltage alternating signal to ring the bells of other telephones on the line and to alert the operator.

Some local farming communities that were not connected to the main networks set up barbed wire telephone lines that exploited the existing system of field fences to transmit the signal.

In the s a new smaller style of telephone was introduced, packaged in three parts. The transmitter stood on a stand, known as a " candlestick " for its shape.

When not in use, the receiver hung on a hook with a switch in it, known as a "switchhook". Previous telephones required the user to operate a separate switch to connect either the voice or the bell. With the new kind, the user was less likely to leave the phone "off the hook". In phones connected to magneto exchanges, the bell, induction coil, battery and magneto were in a separate bell box or " ringer box ". Cradle designs were also used at this time, having a handle with the receiver and transmitter attached, now called a handset , separate from the cradle base that housed the magneto crank and other parts.

They were larger than the "candlestick" and more popular. Disadvantages of single-wire operation such as crosstalk and hum from nearby AC power wires had already led to the use of twisted pairs and, for long-distance telephones, four-wire circuits. Users at the beginning of the 20th century did not place long-distance calls from their own telephones but made an appointment and were connected with the assistance of a telephone operator.

What turned out to be the most popular and longest-lasting physical style of telephone was introduced in the early 20th century, including Bell's type desk set. A carbon granule transmitter and electromagnetic receiver were united in a single molded plastic handle, which when not in use was secured in a cradle in the base unit.

The circuit diagram of the model shows the direct connection of the transmitter to the line, while the receiver was inductively coupled. In local battery configurations, when the local loop was too long to provide sufficient current from the exchange, the transmitter was powered by a local battery and inductively coupled, while the receiver was included in the local loop.

The dial switch in the base interrupted the line current by repeatedly but very briefly disconnecting the line one to ten times for each digit, and the hook switch in the center of the circuit diagram disconnected the line and the transmitter battery while the handset was on the cradle. In the s, telephone sets were developed that combined the bell and induction coil with the desk set, obviating a separate ringer box.

The rotary dial becoming commonplace in the s in many areas enabled customer-dialed service, but some magneto systems remained even into the s. After World War II, the telephone networks saw rapid expansion and more efficient telephone sets, such as the model telephone in the United States, were developed that permitted larger local networks centered around central offices.

Ericsson DBH ca. Modern sound-powered emergency telephone. One type of mobile phone , called a cell phone. The invention of the transistor in dramatically changed the technology used in telephone systems and in the long-distance transmission networks, over the next several decades. With the development of stored program control and MOS integrated circuits for electronic switching systems , and new transmission technologies such as pulse-code modulation PCM , telephony gradually evolved towards digital telephony , which improved the capacity, quality, and cost of the network.

Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN was launched in the 's, providing businesses and consumers with access to digital telephony services such as data, voice, video , and fax services. The development of digital data communications methods made it possible to digitize voice and transmit it as real-time data across computer networks and the Internet , giving rise to the field of Internet Protocol IP telephony, also known as voice over Internet Protocol VoIP.

VoIP has proven to be a disruptive technology that is rapidly replacing traditional telephone network infrastructure. A January Newsweek article suggested that Internet telephony may be "the next big thing. IP telephony uses high-bandwidth Internet connections and specialized customer premises equipment to transmit telephone calls via the Internet, or any modern private data network.

The customer equipment may be an analog telephone adapter ATA which translates the signals of a conventional analog telephone; an IP Phone , a dedicated standalone device; or a computer softphone application, utilizing the microphone and headset devices of a personal computer or smartphone. While traditional analog telephones are typically powered from the central office through the telephone line, digital telephones require a local power supply.

A cordless telephone or portable telephone consists of a base station unit and one or more portable cordless handsets. The handset communicates with the base station via radio frequency signals. A handset's operational range is limited, usually to within the same building or within a short distance from the base station.

Base stations include a radio transceiver which enables full-duplex, outgoing and incoming signals and speech with the handsets. The base station often includes a microphone, audio amplifier , and a loudspeaker to enable hands-free speakerphone conversations, without needing to use a handset.

The base station may also have a numeric keypad for dialing, and a display for caller ID. In addition, answering machine function may be built in. The cordless handset contains a rechargeable battery , which the base station recharges when the handset rests in its cradle. Muilt-handset systems generally also have additional charging stands. A cordless telephone typically requires a constant electricity supply to power the base station and charger units by means of a DC transformer which plugs into a wall AC power outlet.

A mobile phone or cellphone or hand phone is a handheld telephone which connects via radio transmissions to a cellular telephone network. Mobile phones require a SIM card to be inserted into the phone. The SIM card is a small PVC card containing a small integrated circuit which stores the user's international mobile subscriber identity IMSI number and its related key, which are used to identify and authenticate subscribers to the cellular network.

Since the s, mobile phones have gained other features which are not directly related to their primary function as telephones. These include text messaging, calendars, alarm clocks, personal schedulers, cameras, music players, games and later, internet access and smartphone functionality. Nearly all mobile phones have the ability to send text messages to other users via the SMS Short Message Service protocol.

The multimedia messaging service MMS protocol enables users to send and receive multimedia content, such as photos, audio files and video files. As their functionality has increased over the years, many types of mobile phone, notably smartphones, require an operating system to run. Before the era of smartphones, mobile phones were generally manufactured by companies specializing in telecommunications equipment, such as Nokia , Motorola , and Ericsson.

Since the advent of smartphones, mobile phone manufacturers have also included consumer electronics companies, such as Apple , Samsung and Xiaomi. As of , most mobile phones are smartphones, being a combination of a mobile phone and a personal computing device in the same unit. Most smartphones are primarily operated using a graphical user interface and a touch screen. Many phones have a secondary voice user interface, such as Siri on Apple iPhones , which can operate many of the device's functions, as well as enabling users to use spoken commands to interact with the internet.

Typically alphanumeric text input is accomplished via an on-screen virtual keyboard, although some smartphones have a small physical keyboard. Smartphones offer the ability to access internet data through the cellular network and via wi-fi, and usually allow direct connectivity to other devices via Bluetooth or a wired interface, such as USB or Lightning connectors. Smartphones, being able to run apps , have vastly expanded functionality compared to previous mobile phones. Having internet access and built in cameras, smartphones have made video calling readily accessible via IP connections.

Smartphones also have access to a large number of web services and web apps, giving them functionality similar to traditional computers, although smartphones are often limited by their relatively small screen size and the size of their keyboards. Typically, smartphones feature such tools as cameras, media players, web browsers, email clients, interactive maps, satellite navigation and a variety of sensors, such as a compass , accelerometers and GPS receivers.

In addition to voice calls, smartphone users commonly communicate using a wide variety of messaging formats, including SMS, MMS, email, and various proprietary messaging services, such as iMessage and various social media platforms. This included 1.

A satellite telephone is a type of mobile phone that connects to other phones or the telephone network by radio link through satellites orbiting the Earth instead of terrestrial cell sites , as cellphones do. Therefore, they can work in most geographic locations on the Earth's surface, as long as open sky and the line-of-sight between the phone and the satellite is provided.

Depending on the architecture of a particular system, coverage may include the entire Earth or only specific regions. Satellite phones provide similar functionality to terrestrial mobile telephones; voice calling , text messaging , and low-bandwidth Internet access are supported through most systems.

The advantage of a satphone is that it can be used in such regions where local terrestrial communication infrastructures, such as landline and cellular networks, are not available.

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WebPlease note that our staff responds to e-mail inquiries from a.m. - p.m. Monday-Friday PST (excluding holidays). Allow 3 to 4 business days for a response during normal business hours. Luxor Hotel & Casino Operator: Reservations Contact Center Webtelephone, an instrument designed for the simultaneous transmission and reception of the human voice. The telephone is inexpensive, is simple to operate, and offers its users an immediate, personal type of communication that cannot be obtained through any other medium. As a result, it has become the most widely used telecommunications device in . WebFrom Business: Optimum Internet Starting at $/mo. Up to Mbps download. Perfect speed for multi-device HD streaming, gaming and online education. No annual. 3. UScellular. Telephone Companies Wireless Communication Cellular Telephone Service. (20).