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Humana vision insurance

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Humana offers excellent customer service with their online member support. From the member support page, you can understand your healthcare plan to ensure you are getting the most from your coverage. From the member support page, you can access your account to learn which plan you are enrolled in and what your coverage entails. The Humana vision insurance plans are full of benefits with affordable monthly premiums.

If you use a Humana network provider, your savings and benefits are even bigger. Two of the best benefits include an annual vision exam and a yearly allowance for standard contact lenses or a set of eyeglasses with a small copay. Additional benefits with Humana Vision Insurance include having an option for specialty eyeglass lenses. This option includes tinted lenses, anti-scratch, and progressive bifocal lenses. You will receive a frame allowance every twelve to twenty-four months which includes designer brands.

This information will help you in deciding which plan will fit your needs best. If you have questions after reviewing the plans, call the licensed Humana agent at Mondays through Friday 8 a.

Enrollment for a Humana Vision Insurance plan can be completed online through the Humana Official site or by calling a sales agent at Humana offers a site to help you locate a vision provider near you that works within the network.

Over 95, locations are available for using this insurance plan. Locating a doctor with hours that fit your needs is easy with these online tools. If you are still in the consideration process of choosing a vision insurance plan, the online tool provided by Humana will also allow you to look at the different plans available, and check if your current eyecare physician is part of the Humana network.

Follow the prompts provided on the Humana website and learn how this insurance plan will benefit your eye care health. I was on the phone for 42 mins getting passed from one department to another and no was able to pull me up in the system. They can take my money but not find me???

Then the last place I was transferred to I got hung up on after 42 min of this with no answers whatsoever. Very disappointed. They sent a letter by mistake saying our dental plan was cancelled due to not receiving payment. Parents paid it on time. Then while I thought plan was cancelled they kept charging my parents and refuse to return the money they stole. Never used the plan thinking my account was cancelled.

The ladies think they knew what they were talking about and it was absolutely wrong. Honestly even Walmart customer service is way better. I should have switched a long time ago. Their vision insurance is a joke, I had automatic payments set up, but I received a notice that my payments were past due, so I paid online and set up automatic payments again.

One month later, I received a notice that my policy was terminated for a lack of payment. This company all around is a joke. Stay away if possible. I would give this 0 stars if I could. I had Humana Vision Insurance before I was with my new employer. I did so in June along with my Humana Dental coverage. Then in May I received a letter from Humana essentially saying "thanks for renewing.

I started my Humana calling journey on a Tuesday by calling a customer service number on their website. I asked them numerous times if I was the first person to ever call to cancel a Humana plan - I swear it felt like they were just keeping this going so that they could keep me paying them forever.

I mean representatives were literally googling "what number to call for canceling Humana" - seriously if you work there how do you not know this information?! Multiple representatives transferred me to Eye Med even ruder customer service reps than Humana and one transferred me to Blue Cross Blue Shield - what in the world?! Eventually, after many days and many hours and many inept customer service reps, someone got me to the right person who actually knew what they were doing and terminated the plan, helped with refunding money, and actually helped us figure out what was going on.

If you're in the same boat I would say this is the best number to try: choose option 1. Another potential number to use might be Trust me starting with those numbers will save you 3 days of calling.

I will continue to share my poor experience with Humana and let everyone I know that this company is completely inept save one or two customer service reps who were actually helpful.

Worst insurance experience I have ever had. I was enrolled in a Humana vision plan. Per yr on contact lenses. So I ask, where are the savings? Also they incorrectly entered my information on the card; in fact, I or no one else could access it. But in the end fate saved me money. My eye dr. How ironic! I enrolled in Humana's Dental and Vision plans. My local vision care provider was not part of this Network. The Humana sales rep never even bothered to check to confirm in which network my vision care provider was a member.

I spent 4 days calling Humana to get this changed. They could never find my account and kept transferring me to various departments, none of which could make the change I needed. After 4 days of this runaround I finally called and canceled both Dental and Vision coverage.

Humana is terrible to deal with. No one in their organization knows how to resolve issues. Beware before purchasing any of their plans. Humana for unknown reasons terminated my coverage. Only found out when I tried to use it and was denied. Have now spent two weeks trying to get coverage reinstated. COBRA provider has told them by phone and email on numerous occasions that my coverage should not have been terminated. Despite this and two "urgent requests" for reinstatement Humana has failed to do so and still cannot give me a date when such will be accomplished.

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Login Page. User Name: Password: What is my user name? Forgot your password? Change your password? Jan 12, †∑ A person can get vision coverage through three (arguably four) plans connected to L.A. Care: L.A. Care Medi-Cal. L.A. Care Covered (and the very similar L.A. Care Covered . Vision insurance for whole-person health. Between routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses, vision care expenses can add up throughout a lifetime. The Humana Vision .