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NaviNet is a free, Internet-based application for providers to streamline data exchanges between their offices and Highmark. The waiver of Highmark member cost-sharing for in-network telehealth visits is effective for electrolysis amerigroup of service from March 13 international claims June 30, Please carefully read and follow the instructions contained within the individual form for submission. Health Options Provider Manual. Medical Policy Medical Policy. This partnership is instrumental in bringing a personalized care transitions approach to support Highmark's Medicare Advantage members across Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Contact Us.

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Kaiser permanente health connect

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Hospitals integrating KP are recognized nationally, often receiving top rankings in their practices and regions.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii is recognized, for example for being No. Kaiser Permanente California provides primary and secondary care in the same facility, and even same-day outpatient surgery, which is made possible with the collaboration of clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies within the same building.

The following are just some of many successes of Kaiser Permanente demonstrated in California:. Skip to main content. KP HealthConnect: Became the communication and messaging tool among those taking care of patients, ordering tests or medications, and receiving results so that information is readily available for anyone who has contact with the patient.

Offers population management tools such as registries for people with diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. Provides sophisticated information for research and measurement, including feedback to individual practitioners and team members. Major Achievements Kaiser Permanente is currently the largest non-profit integrated healthcare delivery system in the United States.

Add an attachment. Share from your bookmarks Upload a file from your computer. Request a connection with. In the largest study of its kind, KP researchers tracked the effectiveness of the Healthy Bones program. These patients were treated under a standardized care protocol. In , a total of hip fractures were observed, compared with the that were predicted—meaning that an estimated hip fractures were prevented that year.

The registry data are presented to clinicians through a Web-based tool, enabling them to identify gaps in care across a broad population. Although some variation remains, the organization has become much more consistent in its treatment of osteoporosis and fracture prevention in recent years.

In , KP launched its A-L-L initiative to improve cardiovascular and diabetes outcomes by increasing the use of aspirin, lisinopril an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor , and a lipid-lowering medication. As part of the initial A-L-L effort, the organization sought to increase adherence with the three drug regimen and measure the effects of that change.

Numerous clinical trials had demonstrated the cardioprotective benefits of these drugs. In addition, KP researchers tracked a study population of more than , members, assessing their adherence to the drug protocol during and , and then monitoring adverse cardiovascular events in HealthConnect provided clinical support by flagging eligible patients, those not already receiving both an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and a lipid-lowering medication aspirin use could not be consistently measured.

The study confirmed the value of the drug bundle and concluded that heart attacks and strokes had been averted because of the protocol. Those patients categorized as having high exposure to the drugs saw their risk of hospitalization from heart attack and stroke decline by 26 events per person years. Those with low exposure saw their risk reduced by 15 events per person years. The authors predicted that with even higher rates of drug compliance, up to 32, heart attacks and strokes could be prevented in a single calendar year.

Drawing information from the EHR, Web-based PSTs provide physicians with feedback on gaps in patient care relative to evidence-based guidelines. Some KP Regions are also using PSTs to conduct population-level outreach, such as mailings to encourage use of preventive care services. Researchers concluded that delivery of recommended care for patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease did in fact increase following implementation of the PST. Measuring physician performance as the mean percentage of recommended care that each patient received per month , the researchers found that provision of recommended diabetes care increased from In other clinical areas, there may be much less consensus on appropriate care protocols.

In these cases, EHRs have the potential to support the generation of new knowledge as a normal part of each clinical encounter. The following examples illustrate how KP has used electronic data from patient registries and observational studies to develop new insight into clinical effectiveness and appropriate practice.

For many years KP has employed registries to assist in tracking groups of patients who have specific conditions, or who have undergone specific procedures. As detailed by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a patient registry is an organized system that uses observational study methods to collect uniform data to evaluate specified outcomes for a predefined population.

Beginning in , a team of KP orthopedic surgeons, operating room staff, clinical staff, administrators, and infection control officers established what is now the largest total joint replacement database in the country. The total joint registry provides physicians with feedback on patient outcomes that has informed and, in some cases, altered their views about clinical best practice.

The analysis found that joint replacement lifespans were substantially shorter with the uncemented compound, requiring greater numbers of revision surgeries. This feedback on patient outcomes has helped inform subsequent clinical practice. Only with coordinated commitment to tracking comparative effectiveness will we be able to identify and uncover best practices and the value or lack of value in new technologies, drugs, devices and treatments.

In addition, feedback provided by the registry led physicians to change their practice patterns in other ways, such as reducing unicompartmental knee replacements and the use of minimally invasive surgical procedures. In a study appearing in the journal Ophthalmology in , KP researchers were able to demonstrate that two drugs used to treat age-related macular degeneration AMD were equally effective in halting and reversing vision loss.

Using KP EHR data and a retrospective, real-world study design, the KP researchers were able to inform the effectiveness debate in a timely way. In the current environment, deriving clear evidence-based treatment recommendations from the literature can be a complex undertaking.

Individual research studies are generally not designed for future aggregation and often do not lend themselves to easy synthesis. For example, the authors of a systematic review of studies examining treatments for rotator cuff injury make the following observations: The lack of consistency and precision of results across the studies was primarily due to varied comparisons … relatively few studies compared the same interventions. In addition, variation in the pathologic presentation of rotator cuff disease contributed to inconsistency among the studies.

Although most patients had full-thickness tears, the size and configuration of the tears, degree of fatty infiltration, and number and type of comorbid conditions varied widely across the included studies. Both outcome measures and timing of measurements varied considerably across studies, which made comparisons difficult.

This example illustrates the complexities involved in transforming research results into actionable advice for clinicians and the fragmentation that often exists within research itself. In documenting widespread regional variation in physician practice in the s, Jack Wennberg wrote that the root cause of variability in health care is a lack of consensus on the correct way to practice medicine.

The science of medicine is enhanced when data becomes a regular tool of both medical practice and medical research … We are just now getting access to some very powerful information—learnings that can only be acquired with longitudinal data and data about entire populations of people.

In the new world we are headed into, basic [research] studies can be done electronically for much larger populations with a lot more data for a lot less money—and then updated weekly or even hourly.

The new database involves years of longitudinal tracking that can turn a research snapshot into a moving picture. The use of health IT has the potential to promote more highly informed and more rapidly informed clinical practice. Health IT has been called a necessary but insufficient step in care transformation.

EHRs assist in the collection and storage of patient encounter data, but capitalizing on that information requires additional steps to inform treatment decisions. Buntin et al 49 have argued that the adoption of health IT, if aligned with payment incentives, provides an opportunity to encourage translation of research into broader practice. Strong physician leadership and participation are essential in bringing about this change. Health IT can support the practice of high-quality evidence-based medicine, as well as continuous learnings and improvement based on ongoing experience.

Information and data strategies such as those developed by KP through its patient registries, research, and Web-based tools can aid in efforts to transform care delivery nationwide. Perm J. Benjamin Wheatley. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

E-mail: gro. Abstract The slow but progressive adoption of health information technology IT nationwide promises to usher in a new era in health care. Historical Overview For most of US history, medical care has been carried out by physicians in solo practice relying on paper-based record keeping. Advancing Health Information Technology In addition to providing a complete patient record at the point of care, health IT provides a mechanism for promoting greater reliability in care quality.

Three Steps in Care Transformation A central aim of the federal government in promoting EHRs nationwide is to establish greater connectivity across care providers.

Health IT makes accurate, complete, and up-to-date patient information more accessible to clinicians at the point of care. Additionally, electronic data systems have the potential to improve provider communication, establish better care coordination, and ensure more successful patient transitions. Better clinical guidance.

In areas where there is consensus regarding optimally effective care, health IT can aid in disseminating known best practices. Through the use of clinical decision-support tools, alerts, or other communication devices, health IT can enhance efforts to reduce gaps in care. This guidance helps ensure reliability in delivering high-quality evidence-based care and can reduce unwarranted variation in practice.

Continuous learning and improvement. In areas where there are gaps in the knowledge base, or a lack of consensus regarding appropriate treatment protocols, health IT has the potential to support continuous learning and care improvement. Electronic data systems can link treatment selection with observed patient outcomes, providing feedback for clinicians.

These results can promote greater consensus about appropriate care standards. Accessible Patient Information EHRs support clinical quality in the US by helping to ensure that all the information that is known about a patient is available at the time of the clinical encounter.

Continuous Learning and Improvement In other clinical areas, there may be much less consensus on appropriate care protocols. Tracking Surgical Outcomes For many years KP has employed registries to assist in tracking groups of patients who have specific conditions, or who have undergone specific procedures.

Assessing Treatment Alternatives In a study appearing in the journal Ophthalmology in , KP researchers were able to demonstrate that two drugs used to treat age-related macular degeneration AMD were equally effective in halting and reversing vision loss. Developing Treatment Protocols In the current environment, deriving clear evidence-based treatment recommendations from the literature can be a complex undertaking.

For example, the authors of a systematic review of studies examining treatments for rotator cuff injury make the following observations: 45 The lack of consistency and precision of results across the studies was primarily due to varied comparisons … relatively few studies compared the same interventions. Conclusion Health IT has been called a necessary but insufficient step in care transformation.

Disclosure Statement The author s have no conflicts of interest to disclose. References 1. Liang LL, editor. Connected for health: using electronic health records to transform care delivery. Unitan R. Aug 31, [cited Aug 16]. Available from: www. Emont S. Measuring the impact of patient portals: what the literature tells us [monograph on the Internet] Oakland, CA: California Healthcare Foundation; May, The healthcare imperative: lowering costs and improving outcomes: workshop series summary.

Growth and decentralization of the medical literature: implications for evidence-based medicine. J Med Libr Assoc. Clinical practice guidelines we can trust. National Guideline Clear-inghouse; updated Nov 5 [cited Nov 11]. Wennberg JE. Dealing with medical practice variations: a proposal for action. Health Aff Millwood Summer; 3 2 :6— Wennberg JE, Gittelsohn A.

Small area variations in health care delivery. Jun 15, [cited Aug 17]. The quality of health care delivered to adults in the United States. N Engl J Med. Evidence on the costs and benefits of health information technology [monograph on the Internet] Washington, DC: Congressional Budget Office; May, [cited Nov 11].

Aug 2, [cited Aug 17]. Part II. Medical and Medicaid programs; electronic health record incentive program. Final rule: 42 CFR Parts , , ,

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In English, the untranslated word Kaiser is mainly applied to the emperors of the unified German Empire — and the emperors of the Austrian Empire — During the First World War , anti-German sentiment was at its zenith; the term Kaiser —especially as applied to Wilhelm II, German Emperor —thus gained considerable negative connotations in English-speaking countries.

As a result of his long reign from to and the associated Golden Age before the First World War, this title often has still a very high historical respect in this geographical area. Like the Bulgarian , Serbian , and Russian word Tsar , Kaiser is directly derived from the Roman emperors ' title of Caesar , which in turn is derived from the personal name of the Julii Caesares , a branch of the gens clan Julia , to which Gaius Julius Caesar , the forebear of the Julio-Claudian dynasty , belonged.

Although the British monarchs styled " Emperor of India " were also called Kaisar-i-Hind in Hindi and Urdu , this word, although ultimately sharing the same Latin origin, is derived from the Turkish Kaysar , not the German Kaiser. According to Duden, this proverb goes back to the mostly bright sunshine on 18 August, the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria.

Austro-Hungarian Armed Forces , especially expressed by the part of the name Kaiser. The Holy Roman Emperors — called themselves Kaiser , [10] combining the imperial title with that of King of the Romans assumed by the designated heir before the imperial coronation ; they saw their rule as a continuation of that of the Roman Emperors and used the title derived from the title Caesar to reflect their supposed heritage.

From to , except for the years —, only members of the Habsburg family were "Holy Roman Emperors". In , the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, but the title of Kaiser was retained by the House of Habsburg , the head of which, beginning in , bore the title of Emperor Kaiser of Austria. Despite Habsburg ambitions, however, the Austrian Empire could no longer claim to rule over most of Germany, although they did rule over large areas of lands inhabited by non-Germans in addition to Austria.

According to the historian Friedrich Heer, the Austrian Habsburg emperor remained an "auctoritas" of a special kind. He was "the grandson of the Caesars", he remained the patron of the holy church, but without excluding other religions. In this tradition, the Austrian emperor saw himself as the protector of his peoples, minorities and all religious communities.

As a result of this centuries-long uninterrupted tradition, today family members of the Habsburgs are often referred to as Imperial Highnesses German: Kaiserliche Hoheit and, for example, the members of the Imperial and Royal Order of Saint George as Imperial Knights. There were four Kaisers of the Austrian Empire who all belonged to the Habsburg dynasty.

They had an official list of crowns, titles, and dignities Grand title of the emperor of Austria. Karl von Habsburg is currently the head of the House of Habsburg.

With the unification of Germany aside from Austria in , there was some debate about the exact title for the monarch of those German territories such as free imperial cities, principalities, duchies, and kingdoms that agreed to unify under the leadership of Prussia , thereby forming the new German Empire. In the end, his chancellor Bismarck 's choice Deutscher Kaiser "German Emperor" was adopted as it simply connoted that the new emperor, hearkening from Prussia, was a German, but did not imply that this new emperor had dominion over all German territories, especially since the Austrian Kaiser would have been offended as Austria, inhabited by Germans, was still considered part of the German lands.

All of them belonged to the Hohenzollern dynasty, which, as kings of Prussia, and had been de facto leaders of lesser Germany Germany excluding Austria.

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If you need assistance with signing on, please contact the KP Service Desk. You are accessing a private computer system owned by or authorized by Kaiser Permanente. All Information . Kaiser Permanente health plans around the country: Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc., in . Healthier communities for all. To be our healthiest, we need more than high-quality medical care. Everyone deserves an affordable place to live, enough money to pay the bills, healthy food to .