cognizant exam pattern
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Cognizant exam pattern alcon poland

Cognizant exam pattern

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Cognizant English Papers. Cognizant Essay writing. This year they have introduced a new section called Cognizant Automata Fix, where in they will give you a code that will have a minor error like.

Error in if else condition like or for loop where in one equal to sign is missing etc. Cognizant Code Debugging Questions. This section is not there for people whose's college Cognizant is offering the role of Programmer Analyst Trainee which has a package of 4 LPA. NOTE: There is language restriction in this round. You have to code in Java or Python Only.

This section is only asked for students whose's college CTS is visiting for an Associate role with the package of 6. Cognizant Coding Questions. Analytics below shows your performance in various Mocks on PrepInsta.

Click the below topic to solve a similar pattern previous year questions of Quants. To know more about Quants Section click here. The question is "What is the maximum value of the HCF between x and y? Good Job! Did you know? For the factor to be an odd number, a should be 0. Rocky, Darwin, and James are standing at vertices of an obtuse-angled triangle shaped potato shaped field. If multiplication of edges of Rocky and Darwin side is 4.

Find edge of side James is standing. So acute. The question is " x, y, z are integer that are side of an obtuse-angled triangle potato shaped filed.

Calculate total distance. A certain sum of money amounts to Rs. The rate of interest per annum is:. Click the below topic to solve a similar pattern previous year's questions of Logical Reasoning. To know more about the Logical Reasoning Section click here.

If the animals which can walk are called swimmers, animals who crawl are called flying, those living in water are called snakes and those which fly in the sky are called hunters, then what will a lizard be called? If the position of the first and second digits are interchanged then what is the difference between the highest and second lowest number? Kamya's brother-in-law is the son of Ramya. How is Kamya's husband related to Ramya's husband if Kamya had no siblings?

The employees have the right to travel free. This will help railways to provide better facility. The free passes given to railway employees is a privilege for them, not their right. So, argument I does not hold. Argument II seems to be vague. Click the below topic to solve a similar pattern previous year questions of Verbal Ability. To know more about Verbal Ability Section click here.

Skilful -very good at doing something Pure - not mixed with anything else Graceful - having a smooth, attractive movement or form. Solution: The Apple of Discord is a small issue that can lead to the core, core, core, or major debate of the debate.

But some people young and old alike P: death suddenly presents itself Q: remain calm when R: on occasion S: and this calmness may 6. But some people young and old alike remain calm when death suddenly presents itself and this calmness may on occasion be life-saving.

Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word out of the four alternatives suggested below the question. The question below consists of a set of labelled sentences. Out of the four options given, select the most logical order of the sentences to form a coherent sentence. The maddening traffic congestion at the junction outside the University every day is not only because four roads converge at one point. Evacuation of traffic from each of the four arterial roads is a task as these hurdles slow down the vehicles.

Peak hour traffic then piles up for several km on all the four roads. Potholes, waterlogging and dug up roadsides are also to blame. The daily commuters often fume at the wastage of time and fuel. Choose an appropriate word from the options to suitably fill the blank in the sentence below so that the sentence makes sense, both grammatically and contextually. Thus the preposition that must be used after devoted is 'to. In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word and click the button corresponding to it.

Options improve, ameliorate and recover are antonyms of the given word as they all refer to making or becoming better. Only option aggravate which means make a problem, injury, or offence worse or more serious is a synonym for the given word.

So, prepare with the topics to crack the GenC Test. We will feel very happy that you guys have chosen our article to get the Latest Cognizant GenC Syllabus Also, follow our site freshersnow. Tech BE B. Com BCA. Tech ME M. Sc MCA M. Govt Jobs by Qualification. Click Here. Cognizant GenC Placement Papers. Cognizant Off Campus. How to crack Cognizant Test? Cognizant Interview Questions.

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We have designed the test syllabus in order to facilitate the applicants and add weight-age of the marks in their subjects. Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation is a multinational It consulting company. It provides consulting services to its clients and business process outsourcing company. Cognizant placement papers download.

For the selection of new candidates the company organizes its recruitment process every year. The process gets completed in 3 rounds. The rounds are as follows-. Official Website direct link. Apply for Cognizant Off Campus Drive. If you succeed in this round you will be able to get the higher package. Round 3 is basically GenC Interview Round. You will be asked question on the topic.

There is no negative marking in the Cognizant GenC test so you can apply all the questions without any worry. You can get all the Cognizant GenC Communication assessemnt information on this site itself. I only know python programming language. Should i learn any other language for clearing all the rounds in Cognizant?

Thanks sir, I got placed in Cognizant because of you :. Toggle navigation. Psychometric Test. All Interview Exp. Cognizant GenC Syllabus Cognizant Coding Syllabus not asked anymore This section is not there for people whose's college Cognizant is offering the role of Programmer Analyst Trainee which has a package of 4 LPA. Cognizant Code Debugging Syllabus not asked anymore Cognizant Automata Fix Questions and Papers - This year they have introduced a new section called Cognizant Automata Fix, wherein they will give you a code that will have a minor error like.

Additional Facts. Cognizant GenC Recruitment process All Videos. Get Prime Video.