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Adventist health expo change leadership in healthcare

Adventist health expo

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This philosophy is in line with the Adventist philosophy of restoration of humans to their original status. This was a three day action packed programme held at the City Hall which had to be face lifted, a service that was happily done by the Adventist church as its social contribution to the community.

The facelift cost over P Each station was manned by carefully selected well trained health professionals from Kanye Adventist Hopspital, Botswana Adventist Medical Services and Adventists who serve in Private Practices and the University of Botswana. These could provide evidence based information on the advice given to each visitor. The whole programme was embraced with a lot of enthusiasm by the visitors. Their feedback at the end of the program has encouraged the church to consider rolling the programme to various Ministries and Departments.

Many who attended and these included Judges, Parliamentarians, Councillors, Senior Police officers, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly showed a desire to change their life styles. Top on the list of those desiring to change their lifestyles was the City Mayor who to our delight did not miss any of the meetings. We believe that this expo helped the church reach to an often unreached class of our society. It helped in the establishment of relationships that will be difficult to break.

We can only hope the church has in a small way contributed toward a better Botswana and world which is our responsibility and mandate. The Adventist Men in Barberton Mpumalanga plans a health expo scheduled for June but request assistance on the planning, registration forms and flyers.

This event is based on 8 simple points: nutrition, exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air, rest, and trust. These are brought together in one amazing event to offer holistic healing to your community. A comprehensive health questionnaire is filled out as participants go to different stations to have their height, weight, lung capacity and blood pressure measured, before doing a three-minute step-up exercise and having their recovery heart rate tested.

A health professional then gives a short consultation based on the results. The snapshot has been developed in conjunction with health and wellness professionals to use within health practice to enhance the understanding of an individual and better prescribe lifestyle medicine. This simple visualisation has become a powerful wellness communication tool.

If you would like know more information or would like to do a health expo contact [email protected]. Register Your Interest.

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Health Expo 2019

WebApr 5,  · Adventist Employment Health Expo’s and More Apr 5, | Health, IntraVic In mid-March Casey Seventh-day Adventist church held our 5 th Health Expo . WebApr 8,  · Interested in attending our annual Health Expo but want to know what it is? Here is a video of one we did in A Health Expo, as organized by your Seventh . WebYou can have your health and wellbeing questions answered by visiting our Community Health and Wellbeing Expo FREE of charge once a quarter starting Sunday, 24th April .