cognizant selenium interview questions
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Cognizant selenium interview questions where are the adventist health systems in florida

Cognizant selenium interview questions

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Moreover, Cloud computing is an application-based software foundation that collects data on isolated serves, which may be entered via the internet. To learn how cloud computing operates, it may be classified into backend and front-end. The front-end allows a user to enter data collected in the cloud utilizing a cloud computing software and an internet browser. However, the main element of cloud computing effective for securely collecting information and data is the backend.

It includes servers, computers, central servers, and databases. It is a method to analytically sort out the scripts in such a way that it makes it effortless for the QA to uphold the code, free of hassles. And to help prevent redundant or duplicate code.

The advantage of this model is that it reduces code duplication and develops test maintenance making it more readable, and reusable. It helps to reduce and further abolish the replica test code. Besides that, the page factory is useful in improving readability making it easier to create interface documentation. Continuous Testing is the method of executing computerized analyses as a section of the software transmission pipeline to receive feedback on the trade risks connected with a software discharge applicant as speedily as feasible.

It develops and increases test computerization to approach the extended complexity and speed of advanced application advancement and performance. In this kind of experiment, the cryptogram is noticeable to the examiner. It focuses principally on supporting the movement of figures and amounts through the administration, developing plan and usability, increasing security.

White box testing is ordinarily performed by designers. It happens to be one of the pair elements of the Box Testing access to software experimentation.

Its equivalent, Blackbox testing, means-testing from a surface or end-user kind prospect. On the opposite hand, Whitebox experimentation is founded on the internal operations of demand and orbits around inner testing. TestNG is motivated by JUnit which utilizes the commentaries. Utilizing TestNG you may generate a decent report, and one can quickly come to understand how multiple test samples are passed, skipped, and failed.

You may execute a failed examination case distinctly. Exploratory Testing is instantaneous learning, test design, and test implementation process. It helps in immediate test planning, analysis, design, and test execution. Exploratory Testing involves synchronized test case design and test execution of an application or system under test.

Given 1 minute told me to think -different scenarios to be taken into consideration for testing. What are the types testing are there. If can skip a test method. Worked in any other automation tool. What purpose ALM you have used in your project. Explain about your frame work 4. Difference between find element and find elements 6. Write sorting program 7. Write Swapping of numbers 9. Introduce your experience on Manual Testing?

What is SDLC? What is Defect life cycle? What is the difference between Smoke and Sanity Testing? Can a Test execution have multiple runs? If so, What are the scenarios? What is Risk Assessment?

What is Fish bone Analysis? What is Risk-based testing? Difference between Regression testing and Re-testing? What is V-model?

Your email address will not be published. Search this website. Cognizant Technology Solutions Overview website www. More Interview Questions. Can we declare many interfaces object class inside the interface class Types of the assertion. What is the difference between assert and verify? How to pass text in the Gmail field. J unit annotations.

Exceptions in automation. SQL where clause, aggregation, group. Integration testing. Unit testing. How will you double click on webelement? Difference between override and overloading. What is a super keyword in java? What are git and its use it?

Difference between break and continue statement. What will you do if after the release of software the particular thing working fine but one day after release it is not working what action will you take on this? What is a static keyword in Java? How to user thread. Have you used the action class and where it is used? What Maven Architecture and explain pom. TestNG what are the annotations use? BDD framework? Explain the cucumber framework?

What are locators in selenium? Git Hub Commands? What are the exceptions that occurred while using selenium webdriver? What is the difference between throws and thrown? How you handle exceptions? How many times you can write catch block?

When finally block get executed? How will you design a framework to validate our service? How will you validate dynamic response? What are serialization and deserialization? Is there any specific utility to import to serialize the object? How would you validate the complex json response? By sharing your screen can you write a POJO class? Write a program to reverse a string? What is the difference between checked and unchecked exceptions?

What is the difference between close and quit in selenium? Apart from sendkeys, are there any different ways, to type content onto the editable field? Where do u maintain test data?

Bug tracking tool Introduction Second Round: Reverse the string without using loops and without using predefined functions like string buffer or builder Ans: told in python After I said that we can do that in python he asked me to write that in a single line. Print triangle pattern like 1, etc not remembered exact output but he asked about triangle pattern. An array consists of the number of elements that may be repeated and not sorted also. Can we overload and override the main method?

Can abstract class have final private modifiers? Can we extend the interface class? Can we implement two interfaces? What is the constructor and Types of constructors? Explain oops concepts. What is the use of constructor? Can we write a static modifier in an abstract class? Third Round: Introduction Explain the following and preceding sibling How do you sort the list without using predefined methods? Explain System. Difference between Python and java Get the particular element from the third row and third column in a web table if the rows and columns are changing dynamically when you refresh the page.

About SQL queries What is a self join? What left join How do you automate API test cases? How do you handle windows authentication popup?

Technical manager round: Gone through the skills which I have mentioned in my resume. Write the logic for the split function. Sort the string-like India, Japan, Europe, etc in ascending order. They asked me about status codes ,, and also some certifications used in security. Asked me about project-related questions Source: FB Group. Explain four pillars of OOPS. What is static and non-static?

What is the final keyword? DIfference between this and super? What is the difference between length and length in Java? What is an abstract class? What is the interface? DIfference between List and Set? What is the use of the Map? How do you launch a browser in Selenium?

How to delete cookies? Write a program to find the duplicates in an array. There is an array of numbers and a number key. The array contains that key. Rearrange array in an order where left side elements of a key are smaller than key and right side elements are greater than key. Explain the flow of your framework? What is your contribution to your framework? What is StaleElementException? What are the waits available in Selenium?

Limitations of Selenium? If not Selenium, which tool you will prefer? Difference between Actions and Action? How do you handle keystrokes in Selenium? How do you handle alerts in Selenium? You have a link to the main window. When you click on that link, it opens 3 new windows. One of the windows consists of an iframe. How you will navigate there? There are five tabs on the home page of a Website. You need to navigate to each tab and verify the page is loaded. Write optimal logic. What is dry run in Cucumber?

Annotations in Cucumber Interviewers asked questions from Java and Selenium. Source: Makeseleniumeasy. CTS May Selenium Interview Questions Issues faced in ie browser Write code for scroll horizontally Write a code for handling multiple windows that has an upload option in the second window Have u used an action class?

Where u have used Action class? Write code for the same What is multilevel inheritance? Explain ur role in the current project What about your productivity When will u do regression testing? How will u start work when there is a story assigned to u What is a retrospective meeting? If a sprint is 2 weeks, what about the automation life cycle Latest CTS Testing Interview Questions What is the test design you have used to write test cases? Explain SDLC? What are your roles and responsibilities for automation?

How you do parallel testing in BDD cucumber? Explain the Maven Install command in Maven? Latest Updated on What framework u use. We use DataDriven, told the same. Explain your framework. What jars you use for data-driven We use apache poi to read and write to excel.

How u use Jenkins in your project. Questions about XPath. Scenario: when we have many same Xpaths and we need to select a particular one. Questions about window handles and Iframe. What is the Page Object Model?

How are you using it in your project? How you take a screenshot of the failed test case? How to achieve abstraction. Final vs finally vs finalize What are the different types of polymorphism? Explain about API restful automation?

What is get, post in rest API? How do you inspect elements? What are those locators? Write syntax for XPath? Write a syntax to initialize the webdriver? Explain absolute and relative XPath with an example Explain your project and framework How do you get the data from the excel sheet?

Where do you use java in selenium webdriver What is oops? Explain abstraction concept with an example Explain inheritance concept with an example Explain method overloading and overriding with an example Example inheritance with an example What is an interface? Explain with a live example Write a basic selenium script Explain the defect life cycle Write a syntax to select a value from the drop-down Write syntax to get the text from the table What are hashmap and HashSet?

Where do you use a hashmap? What is the exception you get in selenium? What is implicitly wait, explicitly wait, webdriver wait, Thread. Are you using any integration tools?

What is Jenkins? Where do you upload test results? What is retesting and regression testing? What is smoke testing? How do you get to know if the developer has fixed the issues or not? What are the roles and responsibilities? How do you handle if XPath is changing dynamically? Have you ever written test cases in your projects? Asked Some selenium questions Cleared the first round and qualified for the 2nd technical round 2nd technical round: Tell me about yourself What is performance testing?

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