2008 cummins specs
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2008 cummins specs

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Solid axle rear suspension. Spare Tire Option. Add full size spare tire. Spare Tire. Full-size spare tire. Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Tire pressure monitoring warning system. Underbody skid plates Option.

Front transfert case and fuel tank skid plates. Transfer case skid plate shield. Wheel Type. Name Option. Transmission Option. Curb Weight. Front Headroom. Front Legroom. Fuel Tank Capacity. Gross Vehicle Weight. Max Trailer Weight. Rear Headroom. Rear Legroom. Comfort and Convenience. Air Conditionning. Air conditioning. Cruise Control. Engine Block Heater. Front Wipers. Variable intermittent wipers.

Number of Speakers. Power Door Locks. Power Outlet. Power Windows. Rear View Mirror. Remote Keyless Entry. Single CD. CD player. Special Feature Option. Sirius satellite radio with 1-year service. Steering Wheel Adjustment. Tilt steering wheel. Trunk Light. Cargo light. Exterior Details. Bumper Colour. Chrome bumpers. Door Handles.

Black door handles. Exterior Decoration Option. Clearance lamps. Under rail box bedliner. Front hood protection shield. Exterior Folding Mirrors Option. Power folding trailer tow mirrors. Exterior Folding Mirrors. Fold-away outside mirrors.

Front Fog Lights Option. Fog lamps. Chrome front grille. Headlight Type. Halogen headlamps. Heated Exterior Mirrors. Heated outside mirrors. Power Exterior Mirrors. Power-adjustable outside mirrors. Rear Window Defroster Option. Side-Body Trim Option. Bodyside mouldings. Interior Details. The VP44 setup meant that timing and fuel could be precisely controlled, which led to cleaner emissions.

However, VP44 failure rates were higher than the older P injection pump. The compression ratio in these engines was For the years, a standard output and a high output ISB Cummins engine were offered. The high output engine was different in a few ways from the standard output engine; it had higher compression For the model year, the Cummins was introduced with Bosch high pressure common rail fuel injection, again increasing power output.

On automatic equipped vehicles, the 47RE was upgraded internally to increase durability and torque capacity, now known as the 48RE. This engine was noticeably quieter than the previous engines. The 6. It is currently the largest straight-six engine produced for a light duty truck or school bus. There are many changes over the previous 5. With the 6. The VG Turbocharger was introduced to reduce turbo lag by adjusting the vanes by sliding a steel ring in the exhaust housing dependent on engine RPM creating more or less pressure inside the exhaust housing and controlling the speed of the turbocharger.

It also works as an integrated exhaust brake system and is all controlled by an electronic actuator on the turbocharger. This VGT system has been an extremely common issue with the 6. Typically used in marine, agricultural, and construction applications, these engines share many of the same parts as the ISB and utilize the same Bosch fuel system.

In the earlier models of the Cummins B-Series Engine, it was almost entirely mechanical including its fuel system. The fuel pump used in these engines was the P injection pump, this pump is driven off the camshaft gear and drives it own internal camshaft to inject fuel to the individual injectors. The P injection pump also allows for large amounts of fuel to be delivered into the system with simple tweaking to the system to allow for larger injection events.

In the later models of B-Series Engine, the fuel system was switched from mechanical injection and timing to mechanical injection with electronic timing. This was all thanks to Bosch's new VP44 injection pump. The VP44 injection pump is driven at half the camshaft speed and produces fuel pressure at about 4, psi to pop the vertically centered injectors in the engine. FPCM stands for the fuel pressure control module, and this is responsible for maintaining and controlling the fuel pressure of the system.

However, even though this new technology to control fuel pressure was convenient, it had a major downfall. The problem was that they were unable to be serviced without replacing the entire fuel pump. Another important piece of the puzzle that is responsible for the longevity and functionality of the VP44 was the fuel transfer pump mounted on the side of the block next to the ECM. This electronically driven vane pump is what supplies that minimum of 10psi to the injection pump so it maintains constant fuel pressure as well, as cools itself, and lubricates itself.

The most recent method of fuel injection that is still in use today is called common rail injection. Common rail injection is a completely revolutionary design to fuel injection since a fuel pump is now used to pressurize a rail and then from there sends the fuel to each injector. A major benefit of switching over to this fueling system was how it allowed for much less leakage into the cylinders pre and post ignition. This is all possible since this fuel system operated upwards of bar so they are able to set spring tension higher in each injector to allow for more precise fuel injection and timing.

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These engine produced horsepower HP and foot pounds of torque lb-ft. In the next generation of 5. These Cummins engines produced from to HP and lb-ft torque. In the third generation of 5. These Cummins engines produced HP and lb-ft of torque. These Dodge Ram trucks were also the first to get a catalytic converters which were required for EPA regulations. The last generation 5. They have HP and lb-ft of torque.

Cummins made a displacement change in This new generation of 6. The new Cummins 6. In Cummins broke the lb-ft torque mark. For both and Cummins had broken the torque records for any massed produced road worthy vehicle in the United States.

The 6. Below is a chart from to to show the changes of HP, lb-ft, pumps and valves. Here are some tips to keep in mind before making engine repairs to your ISX engine :. Do you have a single or dual cam ISX15?

Does it have an EGR system? When it comes to common ISX engine issues, some problems may not affect your engine depending on the year it was made.

Clogged inlets came about in when recirculation was occurring, also affecting HP. The turbocharger is one of the most notorious ISX15 failures and can be expensive to fix. While they are ideal for direct throttle response, VGTs often experience a buildup of carbon, soot, rust and other contaminants. You may feel no response from the engine or an extreme retort at low RPMs. The best fix is to clean the exhaust side of the VGT, replace its parts or swap it for a fixed unit.

Another sign is if you notice white residue from the burnt coolant. The rocker arms within your ISX engine may be damaging the camshafts, which causes an improper amount of oil to pass. When the rockers hit the camshaft lobes, it flattens them. This deprivation causes your marine or generator application to experience performance issues. You can replace both the camshaft and rockers to deter the problem. Swapping rocker arms for new ones is vital. Otherwise, they will flatten the new camshaft as well.

Problems with a timing wedge often happen after you repair or overhaul the camshaft. Over time, a buildup of contamination can form in the oil filter, resulting in a drop in oil pressure. Avoid the timing wedge issue easily by simply changing the oil filter. If the problem seems to improve, you will then need to retime the ISX engine using a dial indicator.

Certain ISX engines experience more problems than others, but each issue has a set of simple troubleshooting procedures. Cylinder head with valves: When a cylinder head is remanufactured to advanced conditions, it will function like new.

The new internal components are tested for air decay and are also wet tested. It has chased threads, and mechanics weld any cracks to avoid leaks.

Inframe engine rebuild kit: The rebuild kit includes new parts. The pistons are made from heat-treated steel and have a modern closed-skirt design. With induction-hardened cylinder liners, it delivers improved wear resistance.

The rod bearings are made from bi-metal for better strength, durability and fitment. Fuel injector: A remanufactured ISX fuel injector has new parts ranging from the spill valve, shim and NOP spring to screws and the actuator assembly.

Cummins injectors also include new external O-rings and filters. Inframe engine rebuild kit with re-ring and fewer pistons: The ISX15 has an inframe rebuild option for when your pistons are in good shape.

It has oil control rings made with precise tangential tension for ideal control, and the gaskets are made with premium materials. Valve camshaft: If your ISX engine has worn camshafts, they can reduce horsepower and affect the valve timing. The valve camshaft involves precise remanufacturing. ISX15 variable speed propulsion engines are perfect for recreational, commercial and government marine applications. Cummins strives to upgrade and improve each component in their ISX engine series to deliver superior dependability and performance.

The marine engine has an exceptional fuel economy compared to other big-bore engines and outstanding braking features. The ISX engine also has unmatched fuel economy, emissions, performance and cooling systems:.

Fuel economy: The ISX15 has efficient water and fuel pumps which deliver more usable horsepower to your operations. Cummins ISX fuel and water pumps use technology to generate optimized combustions and fewer regenerations of the aftertreatment system. The ISX15 undergoes better fuel economy advancements with each new version. Performance: The ISX15 has a massive range of horsepower, depending on which version suits your application.

With a max 2, lb. Cooling system: The cooling system underwent a size reduction without losing power to increase aerodynamics. A smaller cooling solution creates an open room, forming cooled air around the engine. Cummins also continues to improve the combustion chamber to result in fewer active regenerations of the aftertreatment.

The ISX15 has advanced components and featured products to support your marine and generator applications. Diesel Pro Power has a vast inventory of ISX marine engine components, including freshwater parts and Cummins ISX cables for when you experience problems with your system.

With more than 15, satisfied customers, we provide hour worldwide shipping through our easy-to-use website. Our specialists deliver complete solutions for your specific applications and needs by working with you one-on-one. Browse our ISX Cummins engine parts or reach out to our customer care team by calling We deliver solutions with precision to your specific demands.

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Web8 rows · Cummins. The Cummins engines are widely renowned for their durability and reliability, and the. WebThe Cummins L Turbo Diesel is the most powerful engine option for RAM 25pickup trucks. Producing up to horsepower and 1, pound-feet of clean . WebJun 22,  · The valve liter Cummins I-6 engine was developed and installed in Dodge pickups starting in , creating one of the most legendary partnerships in .