juniper networks day one booklets pdf
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Juniper networks day one booklets pdf

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What do you think about when you think about learning new networking technologies or even learning to become a Network Engineer? Most people will no doubt say they think Cisco is the answer. There are a lot of resources available to learn networking and Juniper Networks provides some of the best. Juniper Networks has done an incredible job of training network engineers too. And best of all training with Juniper is free!

The problem today is being able to afford this great training from Cisco. Books, classes and videos all come at a premium with the lure of an incredible return on that educational investment.

The biggest farce to all of this engineering training is that none if it will make you a REAL engineer. Most all Cisco courses are all geared toward a vendor certification and do not grant you a college degree. Only colleges can do that. Listed below are some great free online network engineer training courses you can take to help you learn and even get certified with Juniper networks.

Books, automation scripts, latest release information, tech topics, certification news, and much more. Each Portable Library includes the documentation for one software release.

These booklets are available in a free PDF edition, ePub and mobi format. Simply search either the iTunes store or the Kindle market. Start your search for the titles below and you will find them free to download! The following links are to some great online video training classes offered by Juniper. Some you may have to register for. Simply leave this blank. As you can see, there is lots of free training and resource available out on the wonderful thing we call the Internet, all you have to do is search for it.

Do you have any other great free resources that you can share with us? Leave a comment below and let us know where it is! Very nicely written. As rightly said, Cisco is not the only provider of networking training, Juniper has well defined courses and nice study material backed by various certifications offered by Juniper.

Think about it! Of course theres a skill shortage, it takes so many commands and prerequisites to just assign and IP address that no one wants to do it. Juniper is having very good product line Then Cisco, Juniper Knowledge will give you advantage in your resume. As someone who's both Cisco and Juniper certified, I have to say that you're not exactly correct in this post. While Juniper does offer a ton of free training materials, they are all based on someone having a strong previous knowledge of IOS.

Trying to train a new engineer on Junos without any previous knowledge in IOS was a nightmare, so we just ended up sending him to a CCNA bootcamp to get him up to speed.

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