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Cigna employee reviews

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After another month, this team lost their budget and I am facing reallocation again or temporary drop-off.

Work environment is not for an individual who wants to learn and provide an impact to the company. I love the work-life balance that my last few positions have offered because I was a remote worker which allowed a lot of flexibility with my schedule.

At Cigna, you work hard, you play hard and you are compensated well I learned a tremendous amount while working there. Amazing teams, solid leadership which provided me many development opportunities. It is a good company and enjoyed the people I worked with. My experience is that leadership has a had time sticking with decisions and seeing large initiatives to completion. If a program takes more than 9 months to complete it is often reengineered and rarely completed.

Plenty of professional challenges to grow as it happened to me. Since my employment began, I was promoted four times within my department and felt the work environment was extremely conducive to a successful career path.

CIGNA has an overall rating of 3. Job Title All. Location All. Date Rating. Company Culture. Growth Opportunities. People You Work With. Person You Work For. Rewards You Receive. Support You Get. Support Associate. Salary Satisfaction. Health Care. Dental Insurance. Vision Insurance. Life Insurance. Paid Time Off. Stock Options. I only worked at Cigna in the inbound call center for about 6 months until I had to quit due to anxiety issues.

The job is very stressful if you're not used to a call center environment. However, my manager was an awesome individual and tried to help me overcome said anxiety. Unfortunately, due to the type of calls I was getting so many angry people [mainly due to Flexible Spending Account issues] called , I couldn't put myself through the mental stress any further and had to resign.

Also, once you're out of training, there's "chat support" that's supposed to help you with any issues you can't figure out alone, but it wasn't very helpful to me, at least most times.

I found myself asking a question that even seasoned employees couldn't answer and had to ask for help which caused longer wait times for the customer and screwed up your stats. The goal was to be as customer centric as possible to take burden off of the customers, but you're limited in what you can do because you also need to be concerned about your stats.

And if you were in a certain "AUX state" too long, someone would message you asking why and if you could return to taking calls that got super annoying. If you leave on good terms and have decent stats, they'll re-hire you without issue. I fall into that category, but I won't be working for them again unless I don't have to be on the pho Pros Decent pay, awesome management, free gym access.

Cons Micro managed, less than stellar health benefits, may cause anxiety. Pros pay. Cons work hours. This company will say theres room to advance and theres not. My own manager doesn't even know most the workers names and he's on the same floor as us nor anything about ins. The sups only care about their numbers who has the best metrics not if the employees need help and if they did they wouldn't even know how to help anyways because none of them know how to use the systems that barely work.

Place is very micro managed. You get cussed out all day long on the phones and get timed when you use the bathroom and if youre too long you have a skype message waiting for you when you come back asking why arent you taking calls from people who arent even in the same state as you are.

Theres no support and no one ever has the same answer to anything. The benefits suck! The hours are also horrible and they will change often without your consent and you will be expected to work them. CIGNA is not what everyone in management makes it out to be. Micromanaging at its finest! Advancement is based on if management likes you or not.

All I have to say is that if you want to be looked over, monitored daily. Apply and good luck. Pros Benefits even tho the deductible is high k match. I had a great manager and great team mates. The training was sufficient. Call center work is hard, especially when you're telling people on a daily basis that they can't have the medication that they need to live or lead a productive life.

Only complaint I have is that the micro-management is terrible and they do not prepare you for how important their adherence policies are in training. They tell you not to stress about it. Once you get on to the call center floor though, you have to stress about it because that's how they promote from within. If your adherence is not good or lacking, you miss out on opportunities for advancement. Pros Good Pay. Good PTO structure. Supportive Environment. Cons Micro-Management.

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